Proliferating Bitcoin on-ramps, one business at a time.

For the average person, buying Bitcoin through an exchange can be clunky, time consuming and invasive. Your business can help solve that problem.

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BitRamp Benefits

Removes risk

Your business will have zero exposure to any Bitcoin price volatility. By selling Bitcoin vouchers, you aren’t required to hold Bitcoin on your books.

Minimal upfront cost

Equipment cost is minimal, and the onboarding process allows you to begin selling Bitcoin vouchers immediately.

Add new revenues

Earn a commission with every Bitcoin voucher you sell, while bringing in new customers, who are looking for a way to buy Bitcoin.

BitRamp makes selling Bitcoin vouchers easy

BitRamp is the low-friction on-ramp and support for any business who wants to sell Bitcoin vouchers directly to their customers. BitRamp distributes access to Bitcoin for the consumer via Azteco vouchers...the fastest, simplest, and most ethical way to purchase Bitcoin. All through a small, handheld, device.

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How it works

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    Open an account

    Fill out the contact form to get started. BitRamp will be in contact within 24 hours to answer any questions and further explain the process. Your business can be setup to sell Bitcoin vouchers as soon as that same day.

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    Top up

    While awaiting the arrival of your handheld terminal, work with BitRamp to add dollars to your account. Each top up includes your commission up front.

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    Print vouchers

    With the easy-to-use hand-held terminal, it takes only a minute to print a voucher for the specific amount your customer wants to purchase.